Spring is in the air

One of my favourite things about spring is picking flowers. To go for a stroll in the park after the kids have been to kindergarten and eaten dinner. Everybody gets straight up from the table, we leave the dirty dishes and out of the door we go to take in the last sun rays of the day. At that point I feel free, free from all responsibilities and duties. It’s just us and the kids, the fresh air and the sunlight that exists for just a little while longer, until it’s time to return home and start the evening routines.


That little moment that we have all together becomes a lifeline. A magical moment that can save and turn any bad day into something meaningful. To give ourselves the time to not think about anything at all, and to just be together. 


Being outdoors in nature always reminds me of changeable life can be. The shifting seasons illustrate it so perfectly. Winter becomes spring, which becomes summer, which turns into fall and then winter again. 


Nothing lasts forever, whether it’s the good or the bad times in life. It always makes me feel humble  and hopeful, but also a little sad at the same time. Life is now and it goes by so insanely fast. 



I want to remember that I always took the time to just live life, to feel it with all its ups and downs, to accept the good as well as the hard times, because they are the ones that help us grow, even if they hurt.


If I were to identify myself as a spring flower, it would be the wood anemone, my favourite flower. I would grow freely in a forest, battle all kinds of winds and weather, staying tight with the others. I would choose this over and over again, rather than to grow in an arranged garden, protected from the wind and with the best conditions. There’s something beautiful about life, because even though it can hurt, the comfort is in knowing that we are strong enough to make it and that it will get better again someday.