Sacred sweets

Earlier in the week we baked a yummy cheesecake, in secret, so that the kids wouldn’t see it, and just as secretly, we ate the whole thing ourselves. It’s no longer as easy to keep things hidden in the house when the biggest sugar-lover (after myself) now has a full overview of what we have in the fridge. 


I have always had and will always have a weakness for sweets, the healthy ones as much as the less healthy ones. It’s just part of my DNA. Plus, I can’t let my Swedish roots down by not having the holy “fika” – which is a Swedish tradition, a part of our culture, that describes our very sacred love for “coffee and cake” (the term cake here includes any kind of dessert, pastry, or other delicious sweets). Not having “fika” would be like betrayal, which is why I allow myself some yummy sweets every now and then, without any guilt. 



It makes me feel good to be able to enjoy these delicious desserts whether we’re at a café, at someone’s house or just at home. I might say no once in a while, but very rarely. Life is simply to short to deny yourself these pleasures. Too little or too much of anything isn’t good for you, the key is balance. What is it that you simply can’t live without when it comes to food, and are you able to have a healthy relationship with it?