Crazy moms


I’m going to be completely honest. I really didn’t think that I would end up here. That I would put myself or my family through the stress of starting my own business during this intensive time with young kids. I had heard and read about these moms who suddenly decided to realise their dream of opening a shop, develop a product or whatever else they wanted to do. I always thought that they were just crazy. I mean there is more than enough to do and to deal with, when you have small kids at home. Good for you, that you have the energy to do it, I thought with a certain admiration. I however, would NEVER do that – quality time with my family is way too important, and it means everything. Period. 



Okay then. Here I am today, and I can now include myself in that group of moms. Now I get it, I understand what happens when you just find the right thing for you. How everything else becomes redundant. Why you feel like you just have to take action, and why you can’t just leave it be like some sort of random thought or idea. Because it’s more than that. It’s like a vocation – at least that’s how it felt for me. 


This vocation would never have come to me this quickly if it weren’t for my two daughters, Alice and Annabelle. Life has become so fragile and so vulnerable since they came into our lives. Time just flies by, week by week, month by month. I feel like I have so little time, and the kids have awoken so many thoughts and feelings in me. New values have come in and replaced some of the old ones. 


I owe the inspiration for REN KOS and everything around it to my kids. It is their existence, their presence and my love for them, amongst other things, that have made me realise who I am and what I wish to spend every single day doing. 



Family bliss – exactly that. That thing that many of us think that we have to give up on in order to follow our dreams or start our own business. It’s actually one of the things that matters the most to me. A little strange to be going into entrepreneurial life at this stage, one might think.


It’s something worth thinking about though. How can we maintain genuin happiness within our family if we as adults don’t feel good with ourselves or each other, or if we don’t know the meaning of our lives? Happiness and joy aren’t permanent states, nor are any other feelings or states of mind. They come and go, all the time. But what if we choose to surround ourselves with what makes us feel at best? Well yes, that can be challenging, and certainly much easier said than done. 


Nevertheless, I have decided to take on that challenge, and after many long discussions with both my husband and my close family, this is where I stand. We have chosen to be a team throughout this and I know (because countless people have already told me over and over again!) that I don’t know even half of what lies ahead of us. However, that doesn’t change my mind. This is the point of no return, this has to happen and it is happening, now. That’s what I have decided. To know that it is my own choice is something that gives me a crazy amount of energy and motivation to go through with this. It all comes down to me now..


I feel more deliberated than ever, even though I actually have even more responsibilities – but they are on my own terms now, that’s the difference. That’s one of the many rewards that comes with having taken responsibility for myself and for my own well-being. Nobody has said that it is going to be easy, nor do I think it will be. But I just have to try and find out.