About REN KOS…

Being Swedish, I immediately fell in love with the Norwegian word “kos” when we moved to Norway, and it was the first word that won a sacred place in my heart.

The closest synonym to “kos” in english would be “cosy”. For me, there has always been something fundamentally essential in cherishing the small things in our everyday life, and in order to do so, one needs to be open-minded. It’s actually a little of that, that defines “kos”: to have a relaxed attitude, to live in the now and to enjoy what you do. All of the above categorise what the Norwegians call “å kose seg”, meaning to enjoy yourself in a warm-fuzzy-feeling kind of way. The word “ren”, which literally means “clean”, symbolises for me simplicity, minimalism and purity. All of these elements then became “REN KOS”.

REN KOS will be the first completely organic spa in Stavanger, and will welcome women and men of all ages who wish to experience a unique treatment concept with a personal touch. 

At REN KOS you buy yourself “you time”, where you get your own personalized treatment plan and product guidance that suits you and your specific needs. This is a calm and serene space where you will be completely taken care of, and have the possibility to enjoy a truly luxurious time with a little extra touch.

REN KOS is a place without time and space, where you will be enjoying treatments of the utmost quality and expertise. My heart beats to be able to provide you with a golden touch to your existence and to be the treasure in your everyday life. It is with great anticipation that I warmly welcome you to REN KOS as soon as we open our doors in the summer of 2019!