My name is Sara Lange…

… 33 years old from Motala, Sweden. I’m a certified CIDESCO beauty therapist, certified spa and massage therapist as well as a trained lifestyle coach, and have been active in the industry since 2010. I am currently based in Stavanger, Norway, along with my Norwegian husband Thomas and our two young daughters Alice and Annabelle, aged 3,5 and 1,5 – and last but not least, the world’s cuddliest cat Nimue. 

We moved to Stavanger almost eight years ago for my husband’s job, who is a helicopter pilot. We found our base here, and over the last couple of years, we have been so lucky to see a few more of our family members move and settle down here along with us.

We adore Stavanger, and despite the rainy and windy weather, this place makes us happy. Here we can be together and enjoy both the big and the small things in life. 

I myself have an irreparable fondness for finding the hidden treasures of everyday life, you know those small magical moments that suddenly appear when we allow ourselves to be open-minded, and to live in the “now”. I collect these moments.

I would probably say that it is my ability to find these treasures in every new situation that has come to define me as a person, and that has lead to me to where I am today. This is a time that I am very grateful to be living in, despite the fact that I don’t know where this path will lead me, and that I have absolutely no guaranties about how any of this will turn out. The only thing that I know for sure is that I have taken responsibility and I have taken matters into my own hands when it comes to the direction in which I wish for my life to go in. I chose to listen to my heart and my instinct, and in a way it feels like REN KOS came to me.