Everything has a meaning


I think that there is a meaning with everything. That there is a meaning with every person we meet, with the people we live with, the job we have, the situations we end up in, the thoughts we have and so on. Whether these things are good for us or not, I think that they are the way they are so that we can learn more about ourselves and figure out our actual meaning with life – if we want to, that is. 




The meaning with my life is to help others to feel good with themselves, both on the outside and on the inside. I’ve always felt that, deep within myself, and knowing that has helped me through the most difficult and challenging times of my life, because I chose to give every single one of these moments a meaning. It has also given me hope that the life experiences I acquire can actually help other people some day – even if it only helps one person, then that’s what was meant to be. 





I don’t think we always need to understand each other’s meaning with life. Why certain people make the choices they make in life. We all have our own lives, and we can do exactly what we want with it, as long as we want it badly enough and work hard enough for it. The beauty of it is that it’s always our own choice, and we can all decide exactly which meaning we want our life to have, and build our life around it. Which meaning does your life have?